Wednesday, November 21, 2007


High above everything. With the sun as our guide. We followed the wind. 

Everything turned black but it looked like the ocean. We were two miles up if you had to give it a description. Floating somewhere near the pacific. Right above it all. It was the high time of our lives. 

A pinnacle moment when we finally realized that we are alive. Then these assholes started playing trumpets. 

I don't know how the hell they got up here, but they just started doing it and it never went away. Then there were waterfalls. 

What do you think of waterfalls?

Three feet deep and green.

I would fall with them.

I wouldn't go chasing them though.

I heard a song that said that once.

I bet they were trying to make a point, something important, you know?

If the sun can follow waterfalls than I can too.

I guess that's why I am the sun and you are the moon.

It's the other way around apollo.

oh, oops. I don't want to chase them anyways.