Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Very large electrical towers that look like women with their spring dresses on and we'll wire them together and make sure they are all slaves together. Sex slaves to each other. You can see the sexuality of high tension wires and how they are all connected to each other, spanning on for miles. Chained. 

Like they are never going to get away from each other because they are stuck in the ground and there's no hope for any other life than this. They have it all re-wired in their brains, somewhere in there and that's something that is important that we need to remember. 

All you have to do is cut the wires. When the electricity stops. Everyone is fucked. 

Then you finally get a glimpse of what it's like to be yourself, in a world that's telling you otherwise.

You should be someone else they say. someone else who's not perfect, wait. Don't be anyone else but the perfect person who is finally going to make it in this place and that's the problem right there. 

We keep pissing and shitting in our drinking water and we pretend that it's not really happening. 

Am I drinking this or is this pretend? I am just waiting for all the dams to break and the water rushes in. 

Then we'll build an army pump oil from the ground. build all these funny contraptions completely mar the earth like full body tattoos and we'll build hot steamy things, make shit look like it's blowing up. Make it feel like there is some sort of point to all this.

We'll build very large ovens with very large flames coming out of them. Put people in there,

then blow up atom bombs on places we'll never visit ever again. What does it matter? it's not our radiation. it's not our skin falling off. it's someone else's and they don't really feel it. They are just not-americans. They are just people not affiliated with us. We are the only people that exist in this country. No one exists anywhere else. 

Now there's a fucked up thing to think about but the clouds keep on going. Keep passing off, going everywhere and it never ends.

In the future, you will see people sunbathing in radiation. People driving with their doors wide open, flying down the beach. Getting rays of radiation and sun tanning at the same time. 

People will sing about it in the background: All right, everything is great! Here's life.

They'll take pictures. Wow, the new progression for Humankind. We finally made it. 
We finally did something that was so important. We'll look at buildings mirrors and reflections and just see the same thing, just a mirror image but we'll pay more attention to the image rather than the actuality looking at because supposedly that's more interesting. It's more interesting to capture things and not really be there. 

It's like an answering machine picking up every single time you are calling someone and pretending you already had the conversation every-single-time. 

Remember when we talked about that?

Once you lose yourself, then who are you?

You're somebody else.