Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Picture yourself running around in circles. Picture the streets filled with shit. Everything is black and white. All these people are having a great time. While other people are trying to run around and not get blasted by giant sprays from machine guns. There're all these fortune tellers and all these politicians. Little tiny shops and offices with handguns. You go through the door and you want to see what's going on. There're all these different shops because this used to be a place you could go and buy things. Go shopping for groceries but instead, you open the door and some big fat politician with a cigar takes out a gun ready to blow your brains out. 

You run down the street and there're all these floats everywhere in the street. Celebrating that finally the world is over or something or some new race is taking over. Everyone on the float is dressed in drag. Everyone is yelling and screaming and pulling people off of the floats who aren't supposed to be on them. Endless amounts of vodka and everyone is wasted. They just keep feeding it to the people and they just keep taking it down. Someone grabs someone else by their hair. Others point machine guns and blow their brains out and throw them on the ground like it's no big deal like it's not real like it's not happening. Other people are laughing. 

I am running in circles in this neighborhood that seems to never end. There's no outer boundaries and I am with someone else. I don't know who it is. They get killed. I am running scared again. this guy in the distance keeps looking at me, he's aiming for me. and I am running but my feet don't feel like they are going anywhere. All of a sudden, I feel these things open up my head. I fall down to the icy ground, then I know what it's like to be dead. I didn't enjoy a moment of it. I thought too much about the pain. Realized there was nothing more to gain. Got trapped in a maze, and couldn't get out. The maze of the matrix. 

I stopped thinking of a way out, and it just opened up by itself. I looked back and realized it just showed me how destructive human beings can be. They have no idea of what it's like to live. They just know what it's like to make people die. 

Then there was silence on the tape and that endless loop stopped. We no longer thought about death. No longer thought about life. No longer thought about anything anymore, it was all a thought of itself. 

It was only a daydream. A dream that we wake up from. A dream that I will never dream again.