Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I see myself walking down the street into infinite possibilities.

There's dog shit on the sidewalk but i step right over it just in time to find someone trying to rob me with a fake gun, I shrug my shoulders and wonder what the hell that guy was trying to do.

I get on the train and take it to the 4th stop where there are people walking past me with eyes falling off their foreheads and broken legs taking over an old man's rickety step and swagger.

I seek nothing but the good and true-hearted and maybe occasionally a good sandwich from the local deli guy. I also share a slice of humble pie with a good friend of mine.

I don't bother defeating the local swine in the hipster hell, I just walk on by like they don't notice me which is one of the best things ever because I don't have to dress my words up or make my phrases sound like a yodeler on the tops of the mountains because we are all the mountains and all the valleys and sometimes rocks just collide in landslides but they aren't victories that are fair. Most people live through other people's eyes, not taking any chances, not trying to push things in a direction that is unnatural. 

It sucks when you see everything from everyone else's perspectives other than your own. If you are reading this and aren't doing anything interesting with your life, then maybe you should rethink and reconsider your purpose. Living through other people's ideals, expectations, and standards is a waste of the life you have. 

You have this one life and this one life only. Don't be afraid of your life. 

The big unknown.