Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We were running to the train as fast as possible. Crossing in front of traffic this way and that. Literally almost knocking people over on their asses, but we made it. Right through the doors at the last second. The train creaked, shook and then kept on moving. They stop for no man or woman it seems, on occasions. We sat down on the nice, warm, heated seats. Tore off our scarves and hats. To make matter worse, the spliff we had smoked earlier had really done us in. Time. Slowed. Down. A l m o s t t o t h e p o i n t. Of. CONFUSION. 

Then it sped up fast again, so fast that all of the seconds that were slowed down turned into 2 seconds faster than the first and we found our self-caught up again, with time.

A Mexican guy started staring at me in the most peculiar way. It made me a bit self-conscious so I stared back to fight off the urge to look away in defeat. He stared further into the depths of my eyes. So I reciprocated on the matter. He looked away right out the window, it was too much. It seemed to bother him more than it originally bothered me, but I figure hell if you're going to look someone in the eyes go as far and deep with it as you can. Smash the windows to the soul. Crash.

Moments later a lady slammed the rear door of the train and started screaming obscenities and following up with some sort of charity case. She got right into peoples faces. A little too close for comfort. Now I know everyone has to eat and everyone needs to live a good life but after you get done telling everyone where to fuck off and then you get right in their faces and scream for money and no one gives it to you the best thing to do might be to leave in peace but it all ends how it begins, so it goes. 

The moment on her way out, she turns round and says, "you can all fuck off for all I care, someone will help me in the next car, you bunch of ungrateful fuckers." I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen this scene play over and over again, on the same train, with the same woman and the same reactions. You can still find her trudging through the JMZ screaming at herself.

Questions arose, Does anything really change? Is it the same story over and over again but with different characters? I am sometimes led to believe so. This life is somewhat of a purgatory at times. 

Is this the beginning and end of hell? We got off the train wondering just what all that was about. 

It's always full of some funny sort of absurdity in this big city town.