Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The next stop is 14th street Union Square; Stand clear of the closing doors.

At that very instance, a man started running through the turnstile and onto the train. He jumped right through the doors at the last second and barely made it through, but he did and that was all you really needed. Just that split second of luck, you took the chance and either you got through or you didn’t.

That was always a point I was trying to make when I wrote all this down, except not many seemed to understand the play on words and symbols that gave it all away. It became more of a mystery or a fable instead, to most. Everyone had something to say, too. They would say things about how it has to be done this way or that way. Completely missing the point of doing it in the first place instead of actually trying and failing and trying again.

They became the most dangerous weapon known to man; the high-powered critic. Analytical savages with nothing good to say to anyone about anything, anymore. They became so hopeless and miserable with themselves that they had nothing to project. Always looking for the stroke of the ego or the pat on the head from someone they thought was sub-par to them.

One thing they forgot to think about though was that when they placed themselves on the top of the world on their own self-sustaining pedestal, they only saw things from the surface. So, the people that they viewed sub-par to them were actually the ones with a deeper view and sure it was dark and depressing down there below the birds eye view, but there was progress happening. Only no one talked much about it. The change was taking place while people in the sky slept.

While people of the birds eye had their mediocre life and displayed it for everyone to know.

It is against the law to ride the train from the outside, please stand inside the train and do not walk between cars, thank you for riding with the MTA and have a pleasant day.

These people needed to hear these rules because they all followed each other around. They all learned from books and scriptures. If one person went against the grain then that would upset the balances and a whole domino effect would take its place of one person asking questions to another. Then a whole hoard of people would gather in the center of town with torches and they’d want their freedom. They’d want it now and it was hard to back out now, after all, you have learned. This was the way things have become and were to be.

You then would get the feeling that you had been cheated out of something, but you weren’t entirely sure what. That’s when the questions would kick in. Just what the hell was freedom, if some man or woman sat there in front of you waving it in your face like a carrot to a rabbit. Just what the hell did any of this mean anymore when the rules finally became obsolete?

These people of high places driving their fancy cars and living in their lap of luxury started a new way of life that was merely just a game. Something to pass the time. Complete with its play by play dramas and triumphs. You didn’t realize it, though, when you were apart of it because you were too blind to see it and you would make sure that you were only surrounded by what was familiar that way nothing could taint the vision of your new holocaust. The one that everyone keeps on saying is going to happen one day. Only it is happening now as we speak.

I'm tired, I'm hungry. I have no place to live. I need some help. Anything you can do to help would really help me. I need a dollar, a quarter, a nickel, a penny. Anything. Ma'am, can you help? Sir, can you help? Ma'am, can you help?

Fine, fuck you. Fuck You. FUCK YOU. I don't need your fucking help. I don't need anything. Someone will help me from the next car. fucking assholes. (Slam, the door slams.)


Four people are in a living room and they are watching television. One of them has a remote in hand and is going through the channels. They stop with the news:

I am Amy Smith and I am here at what is known to be the worst car accidents in human history.

If you look over there on the horizon you can see the metal damage and as well as the fires of destruction that the mayhem has caused. Late breaking details tell us that it was caused by a series of failed electrical conductors that seemed to have blown up making all of the lights of the city go out. If you know what it is like to have no street lights working then you already know what it's like and how gruesome it can be. On the scene of another section of the accident, we have Kent Wreckman who shares with us another point of view of the carnal wreckage.

Kent, can you tell us more about what is going on where you are, at this very moment.

Well, Amy, I am here in the middle of all the chaos and as you can see behind me there are a few cars piled up and dead bodies at the wheels of these machines. If you look over there you can really see where the cars just started pouring in and no one knew what to do, but by the time they did. It was too late. I was able to find a few people still alive, who came out of their cars wondering what had happened. All out of it and trying to regain a sense of reality.

Here with me is John Thompson, local volunteer firefighter and local resident of this neighborhood. John, could you tell us exactly what happened at the moment that it happened, on this gruesome day.

Well, you see I was minding my own business like I always do every day. I was walking down the street and all of a sudden like the change in the weather, everything went haywire. The lights went off and the cars just started crashing into each other and it was so surreal. Words can’t even explain the monstrosities that I witnessed in those very moments, it was like a giant cloud just took over and before you knew it, it was over and people were screaming. The whole bit. People just died behind the wheels of these massive machines. It was all twisted metal and glass. I couldn’t believe my eyes, one minute you think you are going for a walk and the next the whole world is in chaos and disorder.

You heard it first people; Chaos and Disorder ruling this mile radius of the city. (Channel Changes, click.)

(There is a critic on the television completely ripping apart the new Jack Johnson memoirs.)

The kids never going to make it anywhere, he's an artistic mess. He starts shit and never knows how to finish anything. I read the last stuff he wrote and it was just an orchestra of nothing. Crazy events always changing with different characters and faces with separate personalities. You just felt like you were being put on a rollercoaster and then he had the guts to throw in some life long lesson like that was going to tie the whole story together. Like, life lessons really teach us anything in the first place. That’s all the cynics do is observe and completely destroy the actual events that happen. Distorting the possibilities of our reality. I'll never understand why he wastes so much time doing a million and one things. (click)

We are live on the scene with Kent Wreckman in the terrible accident that caused the nation so much personal tragedy and heartache today. Kent, can you tell us what it's like down there now? Has any of the smoke or debris been cleaned up or cleared out? We are also told that almost everyone involved has either died or been seriously injured and emergency services are so backed up that even people that have a chance of survival will die too, from the lack of medical assistance.

That’s right Amy, it's ugly down here and it’s even beginning to be investigated because of possible ideas that this wasn’t just some random event; this might be the work of pure evil. Evil so evil that when using the word it cancels out itself. That’s how elusive of a terror we are dealing with here. When the lights all went out no one knew when to go because they are so used to having the green light go off telling them it is their turn to go. So everyone all went at once, thinking it was their turn to go and what you see here is a big mess. Sources say that if the lights had in fact been working that none of this would have ever happened and if none of this had ever happened then the world would be a much better place and people would live happily ever after.

(Meanwhile another survivor climbs out of a car that is on top of another car, he is then hit lightly by a car driving by the scene. He gets up quickly and begins to walk with a slight limp. The driver of the vehicle takes off. The man yells saying he got his license plate number. The camera pans to the action.)

Sir, Sir. Are you alright? We just saw what happened? What are you going to do now? What was it like out there, being trapped in the middle of it all? What is your view on this catastrophe sir?

What the fuck does it look like, I just got hit by one of them fucking cars and you want to ask me how I feel, what do you think it feels like when you get hit by a car? You think it feels good? My view on this catastrophe is that you should get that fucking camera out of my face and go out there and help some of these people.

(The man gets a bit violent and rips the camera out of the camera man's hands and begins to tell his own news story.)

My view is that everyone watching this fucking television crap should get off their fat fucking asses and do something! All of you, your all fat fucking lazy Americans. Sitting at home, watching the world's events like its a fucking soap opera. Like it isn't fucking real. Wake up. The soap operas over people. This is real. Be very afraid.

Sir! You cannot speak like that on live television. We are live right now! Is that how you want to be remembered? I hope you know sir, you cannot take any of those words back, and we can’t go back and edit any of that.

Yeah well, here’s to life. Do You want to live? Here it is.

(The man punches the news anchor in the face and throws the camera onto the ground smashing it into a million pieces. The television fades to black. The man continues walking. The cameraman helps the news anchor with his wounds.)

The four people around the television get pissed and move up from their seats.

What was that all about, that was just getting really good?

Why they got to fuck up the whole show, what’s going to happen next?