Friday, September 19, 2008


A long time ago and it involved some monkeys in Africa. A whole bunch of them. Like 100 of them. They weren't just the usual sit in a tree, eat bananas and make lots of noise monkeys. These monkeys were just a little bit different. Mainly the way they acted. 

Aside from that, they were all sitting in chairs at tables with big pads of paper strewn across. They looked like they were trying to decipher some sort of code. All wrapped up in trigonometry problems. Problem after problem never seeming to get anywhere. I remember walking up to one and he started to speak with me in a very intellectual way. He also handed me a map and said that I was to go on an adventure across Africa that would lead me to the solution of all the problems ever.

So I walked and I walked and walked. I came to a giant field filled with metal machines everywhere. Huge dinosaur bones fell from the sky and landed into the tops of these machines. They would be ground up into tiny bits and spewed into another field on fire. The fires got bigger and bigger as the bits flew out. Manned at each of these machines was a dead, tattered Asian person who was completely naked but still turning the wheels to keep the machines going. 

The people screamed in horror collectively as they did it all, and they never stopped.