Friday, September 19, 2008


Oddly shaped buildings that resemble scenes out of the Jetsons and Fibonacci numbers put together are the scene I come to. White skies, not blue, not gray. We arrive at my building that I live in, it's a new building that has just been built for people like me who are very wealthy. I am even greeted by ten different people along the way like I am someone important but I don't feel like anyone. Just some guy, with some key card to one of the world's fanciest worlds where everything is exactly the same. Same smiles. Same daydreams. Same service.

We arrive at the elevator and it's not just some elevator and my mother is there with me. She looks very happy to be here with me. The elevator is not just some elevator, it reminds me of the bank drops that they have at the drive-thru windows that suck this plastic container to the teller on the other side of the windows. You put the deposit in and shop, it gets thrown to the other side. Only this one has no particular track that it follows, it's completely open to going wherever it wants to. It goes all ways. We get in, I slide my key card and we are off in all kinds of directions. It is so intense it makes me sick. It travels so fast you don't get a moment to really take anything in around you, then boom you are home. The door opens and you walk into your palace in the sky. It's all glass, you see all the other buildings all around you and its a conglomerate of buildings. No one knows anyone anymore. It feels like a sad lonely existence around millions of people.

Then from out of nowhere, turmoil breaks out, war cries, things start exploding and your thinking to yourself how about 15 minutes ago you were just on the ground. You sit there and watch things happen in the streets that make no logical sense to you. Fire breaks out. people are running scared, frantic, running for their lives. Airplanes are flying in, then bombing and you realize you are in the sky, in a giant glass ship. Then your hit. The hit takes place right below you and the glass ship starts sinking forward slowly falling and you see the effects that gravity shows you.

We are stuck on the glass and falling very slowly, still attached to the nexus but scared as shit. We hit another building and get stuck there. The glass starts shattering in pieces as debris is falling from other buildings above us. This is all very unexpected. The building next to us takes a hit and we are off again falling. Falling to the depths of the ground. Luckily we get caught again just in the right time before we would smash to the ground and be crushed to tiny pulps. We get out and run. Chaos everywhere in the streets. Torn banners and flags and ribbons. People screaming. I notice from all sides of different streets army officers are killing everyone with sprays from uzis and machine guns. Some people escape. We run as fast as we can, past these men shooting and somehow are able to escape. 

It's a labyrinth maze of so much weird architecture and I realize this is my mind. 

This is the dream of my mind slowly killing itself.