Friday, September 19, 2008


A car drives south down Broadway. He listens to the radio. The radio is playing some sounds from the early sixties. Maybe it's the Beatles. We cannot tell because it's not loud enough for us to hear. Rain hits the window which then gets hit off by the wiper blade which then falls down onto the ground and forms into small little pools of water.

Another car passes by the car of the young man. This car is going much faster. Inside is an old man smoking a corn cob pipe with a very foul smelling tobacco. The windows are a bit fogged up from the combination of smoke and the exhaling. The old man flips the switch for the heat and it immediately clears the smoke and the fog from the windows. A signal turns red ahead of us and both cars come to a halt next to each other. 

The man turns on his radio and an am talk radio station comes on. The man on the station talks about the possibility of peace treaty talks in the middle east. The man lights a match, continues smoking and turns off the radio in the middle of the discussion. The light turns green and the man hits the gas, the car moves. Both cars travel alongside each other. 

The rain continues to get stronger. It begins to get a little darker. We see people walking down the street with umbrellas. The people walk in a zig zag kind of way, almost bumping into each other. The wind blows harder and some umbrellas buckle, then fly away out of the hands of people who thought that had a firm grip.

The young man makes a left hand turn onto Bond Street and continues on. The old man makes a right hand turn and continues down Bond-street and straight onto Bowery to the nearest gas station. The young man and the old man may never see each other again.

The old man pulls into a gas station on Houston and Lafayette. He breaks for a pedestrian who walks right out into the front of him at the last moment. He puts the radio back on and it is still talking about peace treaty talks. 

He turns the keys off the moment he pulls in. He walks to the gas station and goes in. 

Pays for his gas and walks off into the night leaving his car behind as well as everything in it.