Thursday, October 30, 2008


While walking down the street we made our beautiful plans. We promised that at this location, at this time that we would be there and there wouldn't be a problem in the world anymore. 

Well guess what. We were wrong. We were so wrong. We dressed everything up in bright elaborate colors and put light bulbs in each letter so that everyone could see it. So that everyone could see they were capable of it too. One thing I never considered: that along the way at one point or another the letters would break, they would fall off of the hinges that they were screwed onto. 

The lights would flicker and pop and anyone standing around looking at it would say: what the fuck was that about! The electricity would explode. Conduits fizzling and popping and then there'd be nothing left and we would look at all those beautiful and elaborate plans that sounded so good then realize that it was all the world's wind blowing out of our mouths. The winds would cross the circumference of the world and still no one would know anything.