Thursday, October 30, 2008


The sword sliced through the crossed wires and cut them all. At that very moment, the switchboard operator called and said what do we do now? The telephones are all down and I have no one to talk to anymore. So I said, Don't worry about it, take a vacation, see the world, visit old friends, get in touch with the parts of yourself that have been long gone for some time now. 

She said that she couldn't afford it, though, she hadn't saved up enough money to do anything besides patch in chords over and over again and I said well then maybe it's time you tried something new that didn't involve wires, chords, patches. Maybe its time to see something you have never seen before. You know how it all works. You're the best patch bay manager I know. Every time a call has gone through, you have always let me know and if there were any wires broken; you have always been able to re-patch them through to even the most important calls that were necessary for me to hear. That's what I am useful for she says and I can't leave you, there's so much work to be done, so much fixing to do. I say that I am all done with it and there's a reason why it's all been falling apart, there's a reason why this can't be fixed and I advise you to leave at once before the cleaning crew gets there to remove all the broken equipment. 

It's all being replaced with a new technology. A technology that far surpasses the old machines, only this one is living. This one has the ability to feel and to think at the same time which is much more efficient that all those old wires. Well what about me she says, and I say exactly. She says, exactly what are you saying and I say that there're things bigger than all of us approaching. What does that mean? I say this time I am not exactly sure but tell the cleaning crew to make it look very nice and that the keys are under the mat by the door.