Thursday, November 6, 2008


I think that maybe I have changed my mind on this NYC place. This place is fucking disgusting. There's trash everywhere at every corner. Everyone that moves here can't seem to handle it due to it being such an insane place to be. 

With all its insane people and every last one is crazy even me. I feel the fear and the frenzy every few weeks with a little break in the middle just so I don't go completely over the edge but I come really close walking on razor wire. I just saw some sparks fly from underneath. I am on the train while I write this. 

I don't even know who any of these fucking people are staring at me from the opposing side of the subway platform. I have no clue but they look at me at times like we had been here before. 

That this had already been done a long time ago and some of us are remembering and taking notes and making sure we are reminding other people that these things are real.