Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The clerk in the waiting room now looked at me with disgust and handed the letter back to me. I already had my number in hand and I was tired of waiting. It had already been an hour since number twelve had gone in to do her audition and it made me wonder just what the hell was going on in there. I just wanted to get my chance to shine and not only prove to them I am worth something but to prove it to myself too.

I couldn't help but look at the clock on the wall and watch its tiny arms slowly advance another minute and then another. I could hear the second hands tick so loudly that it gave me a headache and it didn't help that the lady at the desk was staring me down but what was I supposed to do? Did she not know that this was the rehearsal for the big scene in the movie called: the secretary at the meat market. I let her read my monolog so that I could see if something was missing. I wanted to do my best. I wanted to be as authentic as possible but I couldn't help but feel as if she thought I was mocking her. Really I was just trying to understand her.


The door was opening to the audition room. Why the hell did it sound like it was locked? It took a few more extra seconds for the door to open and when it did I caught a glimpse of that young woman fixing her dress and the auditioning man playing with his belt. 

The temperature in the room dropped and the blood rushed to my head. What kind of audition was this? The young woman strutted her stuff and gave me the kind of glare that said to me: your not getting the part. I gave back a stare that said: at least I don't have to suck people's dicks to be in a movie, I have something called talent. 

The secretary then said, good luck, you will need it.