Thursday, November 13, 2008


Fist off we don't own anything on this earth or in this galaxy. We temporarily claim that everything is ours and that we have control over it all but none of this is true. We are born, we learn through life, through our experiences, through our pains, through our turmoils, through our happiness, through the realization that life is fucked up and beautiful at the same exact moment. So, don't be too sick of the antics, the tongue-tied romantics, the clueless procrastinators, the two faced systematics. 

It takes all of these things for the process and the balance to see it all. Only if you have a true desire to want to. The universe and everything in it is everything that life is. It's every waking hour, every breath, every sunset spent alone, every sunrise spent with some stranger laying naked next to you. 

Our lives are but one pigment of the colors on the color wheel. Take one pigment out and you won't be able to make tertiary colors anymore. There will be no black and white. Everything will be a great big mess. But these are all the foots steps that took us here. You can see the bricks and the apartments and the places where we have all been.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself is who are you? what do you stand for? are you here just to fill a space, a time and a void? are you afraid to be alone?

In my experiences you can do what you want, can take advantage of every possibility and every opportunity that life has to offer. You got the road never traveled filled with weeds, rocks, overgrown with grass or you got the paved road with the guard rails. 

You can drive slowly on one or fast on the other. You either drive straight or straight through the guard rail hoping there's another road to connect to.