Thursday, November 6, 2008


The cold finally swept up it's wings and took over these spaces that I didn't know it would and at a rate alarming that thunderstorms filled the sky on a morning where everything was once familiar. The queen settled into the hive as yours truly slept into three or four hours that I could. The deprivation is catching up so much to the point that even if I slept the next life away it still wouldn't be enough. 

The hive was the quietest it had been for some time now due to me being the worker bee who has put much effort into everything and ended up with a small gap between so many lines and borders. Kings and Queens no more in this hive. This is the freelancers union now with no benefits but a sense of satisfaction that everything that has happened up to this point was the demons dancing and partying for the end of a new beginning. 

I haven't seen any of the other workers for some time but the Queen had her last ride with me and it seemed for the purposes of moving on but I am still unsure because she seems to be the one who brings order to all the disorder. 

The centrifuge of my life in these fast times of the exceedingly deranged lunatics.