Friday, November 14, 2008


Where the fuck are we going, cried the driver to the passenger

I have no clue, you said you knew where we were going and you were so sure of it and all this other stuff.

Yeah, but I relied on you cried the driver, you're the one with the map, I have to pay attention to the road and make sure we get there safely.

That's why I assumed that you knew where you were going, you appeared to be in control. then you started driving really fast down the highway and I was like shit, he knows where he's going if he's going to be driving that fast

So you just assumed, why didn't you ask me while we were moving?

Because you were so involved in your driving. I felt like you didn't even know I was here.

Fuck, now we are stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no gas, no food, no clue where we are.

You know this really sucks, we could have told each other what was going on and avoided the whole thing

Do you really believe that it was fucking inevitable? you said, lets drive, let's keep going, let's never stop and now look at us, in the middle of fucking nowhere.

Hey, why don't you keep reminding me, just in case I forget.

I will, you got us lost, idiot.

No, you fucked up by not telling me what was going on.

I can't read your fucking mind.

You have the attention span of a fucking stop light. you focus for a moment and then boom you're off again, to who knows where.

Well, look at you, you are so quiet, you don't speak. you just sit there doing nothing, waiting for something to happen and then what do you know, nothing happens. that's a big surprise.

(another man in the back seat wakes up.)

Can't anyone get some fucking rest around here. why do you guys keep fighting over nothing?

You stay out of it

I can't believe you can just sleep through all of this.

There was nothing else to do, I was bored with the same scenery.

Are you kidding, it's gorgeous out here.

No it's a wasteland, look at us now in the middle of it.