Saturday, November 1, 2008


I'm walking across the Golden Gate Bridge and there are three layers of traffic rushing back and forth. It is very windy from where I am as far as the vantage point is concerned. Even the cables of the bridge are moving slowly back and forth as if the bridge is alive. As I walk the feeling that something is wrong takes hold and then after that moment it starts to collapse in three sections. I try and run across it but am in the middle of it. Cars start to fall with the cement. The river is flowing rapidly. 

Then the piece I am walking on falls too. I fall sideways into the river with a velocity so fast and hard. We smash right into it. I start to swim while everything starts to sink. Under the water, I could see everything sinking to the bottom. Pieces of steel, cars with lights on even people all moved closer and closer to the bottom while the rivers current took me away. The next moment after that I am somewhere else; in the middle of the rainforest. I remember something attached to my leg. So I felt it and it felt like a rope. 

I looked at the shore and saw a man trying to pull me in if I let him. I knew if he did pull me in I would be stuck on some island farm toiling day in and day out for nothing that would ever interest me. So I untied the rope and watched him pull it in. The moment the end of it got to him he saw nothing was on it, a very big anger took over him. So he opened a gate in the river and let out tons of giant snakes. They all came straight for me. Once they caught up to me they proceeded to bite me in the pubic bone area. They sank their very large teeth into me. It hurt very much so. I was able to pull them all off in an instance. 

They couldn't do anything to me I realized, they just swallowed their own tails. I got out of the water and checked the wounds. There were many deep teeth marks. I asked the man if any of the snakes were poisonous. This hit me so hard because this was exactly the symbolism I needed to know in this moment. Then the man and I became good friends. He wanted to show me many things he said. So I jumped into a boat he happened to be in. He showed me his great land. There were all these wild animals everywhere. 

There were lions, tigers, bears, lemurs, sloths, and other combinations of animals made into animals. We drive down the river waving to all these exotic animals. The sun is slowly making its last appearance on the horizon, so I know that its time to be heading home; wherever that is. A baby lion runs toward me and jumps from the island and into the boat. I think for one moment that it is going to hurt me then realize that it is there to be playful with me. 

The moment I figure that out it jumps onto me. I teach it tricks and it listens and speaks to me. 

We continue off into the sunset.