Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Even when you were on top of the world, the view didn't do much justice because you were so isolated from the smallest details you could barely even see them. You were just an actor, just another face in the crowd playing your part and trying to outdo the rest with your phony tears and phony faces of the always victims put in their place. 

How fair it wasn't to the countless others and you yourself now knew. You didn't get the part. Your not the right one. You're not very convincing of the real thing. Little did you know that the real thing exists out there, somewhere living the part that you play. Oh, what a hell it is to be trapped here with you making a mockery of those who truly exist amongst the delusional and fearful ones. I call them my brother, sisters, sons, daughters, fathers, mothers.

So instead, we are building an army and it's not just one-sided. There's no buffoon committee sitting at a tall desk with a gavel and hairpiece. Shouting obscenities and declarations that he's seen it all and we should be very afraid. We should be so afraid that we must pay our taxes on time or else, and start families as a new kind of commerce. The business of the flesh parade. Organic blood for nothing at no cost to you. No one is real, don't worry, no one will hurt you. 
This is all just a fun game that everyone plays. There's no one behind that curtain, that really is the great and powerful Oz. He's your friend. That meat hammer is just a prop. It keeps the bad man away. 

Just stand over there, take a number and have a seat. Someone will be with you in a moment.