Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tomorrow is yesterday's today. So what would three days from now be? These are the kind of things you think about when you have nothing much to do. You can be sitting anywhere in the USA and these little anecdotes pop into your head. 

It's 12 o'clock somewhere in the world but where? You can think about a million things at once. There are too many options and they overwhelm you. If you built a time machine and wanted to go to specific coordinates in time you'd still be missing out on the present but then you could travel to the present after it has already gone by. 

After you traveled to the past and the future and saw your fate. You could just go back to the present. You could just live in the present for the rest of your life and it would change your future. All of the predictions you saw of the future would stay somewhere locked in space and time. 

They wouldn't exist. It would be like a house abandoned in the middle of the world. 

The house of one thousand windows and no door. No way to get in and no way to get out.