Thursday, December 25, 2008


So I was somewhere I had never been before in this physical life, it was some white house and there were people everywhere who I did not know. I was in the crowd with the rest of them. We were all wearing the same kind of clothing and it was kind of cold outside. There were many windows inside of the buildings all around us, they were house like. A gun man came to a window and I felt his presence looking for me. Once he saw me he started shooting everyone there to get to me. I kept running through the crowd, he could not shoot me. So he decided to shoot everyone. The more people he shot the more open space there was for me not to be able to hide behind. Then the man shot someone right in front of me and I grabbed onto the person as they fell into me and used them to dodge the bullets but one hit me in the head immediately as it shot through the body. I dropped the body and became very weak and wobbled into a door and went into a house and the people were like holy shit you have been shot but I could not respond, I knew this was it, it was my time to go and I laid down in a collapsing manner and went to the final sleep. My sould left the body very gracefully and then I woke up in my mother's living room and she was standing there and I told her all about it. It's funny they call it a living room but I always feel like I am dying in it.