Monday, January 19, 2009


It was snowing today and it made everything all around the city really gray and tired looking or maybe that is just how I felt inside. We were on our way to the Chinatown bus without any kind of plan as to when we were going to go, how much it was going to cost or anything but we knew this is was we were going to do. It was a great opportunity to take pictures crystal said. I said hell yes, I want to get a shot of Obama, that'd be sweet. 

So we walked through all the snow, all the traffic, the Chinese people talking like daggers through the ice. We arrived at the bus and immediately police officers pulled right in front of the bus and we both looked at each other like holy hell what the fuck is going on? The cops got out and started giving the bus driver a hard time for not having a license plate on the front of the bus and instead having a temporary one on the side. This guy was a pro, he knew how the drill went so he let it all unfold and take its place, meanwhile, a lady in a wheelchair was screaming this that and the other thing about how people who don't have license plates on the front of the buses should never drive because you might get into an accident and who knows what is going to happen if you get into an accident and to hear this lady say this over and over again was really fucking annoying. 

The police were doing their thing, the driver was waiting knowing that they were just doing their job and then this lady in a wheelchair with nothing better to do sticks her nose in the business and starts wheeling around like she knows what the fuck is going on and I have nothing against anyone who has any condition of their life, I am a very compassionate person but I could just tell that this lady had nothing better to do and enjoyed this sort of thing, complaining. Then once she started complaining another lady almost got hit by a small Chinese woman dragging her cart of groceries then she started complaining about how the lady wasn't watching where she was going yet the lady was blocking the whole sidewalk not allowing traffic to move through it. It's always someone else's fault in this world. If you can't see how you have anything to do with it then blame it on someone else. So much easier. 

We entered the bus with a holy hell what is going to happen next kind of feeling. It smelled like shit. Smelled so much like shit I wanted to throw up. We sat and waited and waited and waited, then these people got on the bus, then more people got on the bus and it was almost full. Then these kids got on and started yelling at each other and one of them seemed really drunk and carrying a water bottle full of orange juice and he was pissed that the other kid in the back didn't save everyone a seat like it was his job that he was supposed to make sure that he who was not prepared to be there should get a seat before anyone else. So the king of fuck mountain started punching the other kid because the other kid said yo, son it ain't my fault and he said yo don't call me son, I ain't your son and then they fight. They fight, they fight and fight and everyone has Obama apparel on and is going to see the inauguration that takes place the next day and they are doing this shit. What the fuck is this shit, you are all going to see the big changes in the world that are happening and you want to be a part of it but you are doing the same shit that everyone has done to you, turning against your own brothers and sisters to fight for some shit that inevitably was your own fault. 

The class is in session, take note of things, be prepared and be ready, the test is always. So we get off the bus because there's blood flying, there's yelling and screaming, Martin Luther Kind himself would be saddened by this sort of behavior, it's everything he was talking about in those days and still nothing has changed. So we got off this bus and went to the bus in the back where we rode for 8 hours, the time it would take to go to Europe with the heat blasted on high and I sweat my ass right off. I actually don't have an ass I am sitting on right now as I write this. Congratulations you are an idiot. 

So that's it kids, welcome to this crazy world I am writing right now that I interpreted as what was going on. Please read this in a way that it can make you laugh and take no offense because life is funny and it is always happening. 

I am in DC now and am getting ready to go see what is going on. I bid you a good night.