Sunday, January 18, 2009


Because the other night I went over there and decided that I was going to come clean, you know. I figured come clean because I’m tired. I’m tired of running game you know what I’m saying, because my game isn’t really that great and they all know I’m playing a game. So fuck it. So I told her about everything. I told her about how I’ve been seeing other girls and all that and she felt the appropriate emotion, which is what I would say is sorry. She felt sorry for me. 

We all love when people feel sorry for us, don’t we? Instead of getting mad at me and smacking me, which is what she could’ve, should’ve, maybe would’ve done had she been someone else. So I told her that I’ve been seeing these other girls and I see you sometimes and I don’t really know what all of the point of this is and I don’t know if it is going anywhere and then last night she started flipping out because, you know, she decided she liked me and that she wanted things to work out but I wasn’t really doing it because I never really do it but I said to her I’m not really doing it and I think that’s what got her really upset. 

Today I called her and all she did was talk and then I said; your not really listening, she never really listens. Then she started listening and told me that she stayed home from work and she asked me why did you come over that night and tell me all of those things? I said I think I had to for you to stay away and I think I need you to stay away because I can’t do it anymore and we can just take it like that.

That’s the story?

That’s not the whole story, that’s just the ending, that’s like the last part.

That’s for today?

Yeah, that’ll be like the last part of the whole part and you can record at the last part of the first part.

Ok, then next question.

How did you guys meet?

Ok, hold on a second. Let me get it together.


Ok, so B and I were out and I saw her from behind. I didn’t see her behind but I saw her from behind and she had on this striped shirt and I liked the shirt and I could just tell. I hadn’t even seen her face. I hadn’t even seen her ass. I could just tell. I’m going to get into this and see what happens. So I see her at the bar and I ask her some dumb question like do you know anything about the band playing tonight? She didn’t know anything about the band and we just kept talking. Then, you know. I got her number. I was pretty psyched that I got her number. I thought she was very attractive. 

So a couple of days later or the next day later or whatever, I don’t think I gave it a three-day rule or any of that bullshit, I called her up. She was down to hang out. So I told her I’d pick her up. Little did I know that she lived on 64th street in Manhattan, So, I was approaching Columbus Circle and she’s somewhere there and I’m driving in circles, metaphorically of course and literally, The, there she is. She gets into the car. She smells nice. She looks pretty but she’s sort of different looking too. So, we go to this bar Freddy’s. It’s in Park Slope. We end up in Park Slope somehow. 

What did we do? How did we end up there? Actually. Wait, I might have taken her to Grimaldi's. Kicking it romantic style under the Brooklyn Bridge. You know, cause I am a hopeless romantic. So right away I’m putting on the moves as like I’m going to marry this girl. We do it real romantic and I am scoring points that I didn’t even mean to be scoring but maybe I did because I love trouble and I seem to have found trouble. More than I would have ever known about in that point in time. So then we go to Freddy's. We get a couple of beers. It’s good. It’s just going well. She’s pretty crazy. She’s intense. I’m crazy. I’m pretty intense. So we decide to go to the movies. We stop and buy some alcohol before we get into the movies. We are drinking in the movie theater. We’re making out in the movie theater. We’re going crazy. It’s all going. We go back to my house. It keeps going. I never usually bust more than one nut. That’s just not what I do. I like to do it and you know go to sleep. I guess ideally, I like to do it and then you know leave because I am a dirty dog. Really. From a hopeless romantic to a dirty dog but no we go, again and again, then she sleeps over. Then she wakes up in my loft and they're kids living there cause I’m twenty-six and there’s a twenty-two-year-old. 

Remember too, she lives on 64th street. This is an uptown girl with an $1800 a month tiny apartment, making $70,000 a year. Which is a lot of money if you ask me. Now she’s at this crazy guys loft in Park Slope and she loves it. She’s slumming it. She thinks it’s the coolest thing ever. So we wake up. Probably did it again. I don’t even remember. We hang out. We go to lunch and before you know it, it turns into a twenty-four-hour date and you know; how do you feel after that? That’s not an everyday occurrence. Not in my life anyways do you find good people you have a good time with and just all that stuff. It’s just crazy. That’s just the beginning.