Monday, January 26, 2009


And then Nasa said that they found the dark side to the sun. They never had seen this side of it before, they were always only looking on the bright side and I can say the same for myself. This was one of the biggest discoveries ever known to man inside of himself and outside in the far reaches of that infinite space that they always talk about. Everything in every reach of the outer and inner potential has a light and a dark side and it surprises me that they are just starting to realize this now but the most important part is that there is no way to separate them and make them into fragments or find the differences between any of it because if you try and do this then you negate the whole picture, the whole form, the whole existence of it and that is something I now realize through my own space exploration. 

I have been to the far reaches up to this point of my own discovery and am ready to move on from it and go even further, to places that no one has been to yet and I am going to take it all with me. I am going to be having a marriage for the positive and the negative they love each other so much now that both of them become one and you cannot even tell the difference any more of what you may think they are. They only appear to be one way to you because you still use your intellect to place them into places that they don't even belong to be placed into. They are breaking out of the box. They are moving into the groove. They are getting in the zone. You won't be able to stop them even if you try to because there is no stopping something that has to force and velocity of the whole of existence. To try and stop the whole of existence is to cancel yourself out too because without you, with me and without everyone we know all around us there is just this space, this place with no one to give it a name or to give it a meaning or to see it with their own eyes or to breathe it with their own breath or to write it in their own words, in their own tongues. 

The universe started with silence and nothing around and then it was conscious of itself and then it spoke, it spoke in a language that was much different from the language we speak now. It was a much simpler language not all garbled up with fancy words or colorful language to hide the real truth of what was behind the words. There was no man behind the curtain. There was no hero, there was no villain. No one was trying to steal anything or save anything. The world became the world. The sun became the sun. The planets all danced around in great joy and ecstasy for the celebration that everything was new and innocent and fresh. This was the beginning. It all started with silence and nothingness. It never started with a bang. That bang was when everything went wrong. That bang was the whole reason for the discontinuity of the whole of everything, of the possibility for everything. 

Once that bang happened, everyone got scared. Everyone was afraid of loud noises and then they made very large signs that said soft noises good, loud noises bad. Then the loud noise people went their way and the soft noise people went theirs and there was a huge protest and people killed the loud people softly and the other people killed the soft people loudly. Everything became a giant mess. People started to clean up the mess. Then people protested on the killing of both people, some protested on the cleaning up of the mess, some protested on leaving the mess as it is to show that messes are no good, so they killed more and more and more and then people killed because they said that killing is wrong so we should make an example of these heathens who kill, so we got together and we killed the killers to show that killing is wrong and this made the people who watched into their own type of killer, the enraged people who watched killing of killing people and then the earth stood still. Time stood still. It got that bad that time had to stand still. It got sick of watching on a watch. Watching all this craziness happen. It stood still. 

Everything they once had was taken away. Once it was taken away, they started to realize what they had and once they started to realize what they had they wanted it back but it was gone. It was long gone because time had said in silence that it was time to move into a new time and let go of the old time. The old time had passed away and before it passed away it gave birth to a new time. It celebrated. It had awakened into this new time and the time is now. The new time started telling everyone glorious things. It started to show itself everywhere even if it didn't want to be seen. 

It started to speak through this new consciousness but it had been there all along. It had been there all along only no one realized it but once they started to realize it the new time finally let them know that actually a new time had not even been born it was the same time that had already existed the whole time since the beginning only it was recognized as new time because people hadn't been looking at it with the same eyes anymore. 

These new eyes were the same eyes that had been here all along. These new eyes said remember who you have always been, what you have always wanted and follow the sun and follow the moon in its every which way, in its night and its day and never stop until you know the whole and that is just what it is doing and not doing at the same exact moment.