Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have found that if you wait for someone else to do something for you or you wait for someone else to give you something you already possess then life is very difficult and nothing happens that you will take responsibility for. You are responsible for your own choices and decisions. Freedom is your own choice and no one else's, Love is your own choice and no one else's. 

The same people who say that they will give you something will disappoint you one day because there is a possibility that what is given to you from someone can be taken away and that which you do not own cannot be taken away. I wish Obama the best and everyone else in this world but the whole world is in the condition that it is in because people have not taken the time to realize their own potential, they have not taken the time to cultivate what is inside. 

These are not things that anyone else has the ability to give you, the will and the desire of who you are and what you want is the only way. Then it is possible that things will start to happen on its own accord. I cannot change anything that happens outside of me because it was never mine to begin with or change. If people want to kill people they will kill people, if people want to steal things they will steal things, if they want to lie, they will lie, they will do whatever it is that they want and we can continue to fight with them and try to tell them what they should do and be right on the opposite side of the very thing that is causing so much disharmony. 

If we want to see anything change in this world we need to become less identified with objects, paperwork, computer programs, stock markets, credit cards etc and more concerned with the way of humanity, with the love that is deep in our hearts and it is here now, are you? If you are here now then where else can you be? Can you not think about other things? Do you trust who you are? Do you trust what you say? Do you trust what you do? Can you move outside of the game?

"Change your thoughts and you change your world. This is what Norman Vincent Peale said and I agree somewhat with what he is saying, I would like to propose a new idea for this and would like to see the idea become more than an idea: Stop your thinking, see what you thought, realize it all as the experience, as the watcher, and as the doer, see where that get's you.