Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I tried to write about this experience in a way to suck you in and give you all the details of how I felt about it and how the air was and what happened but I got tired of trying to dress up everything with a bunch of words and aesthetic tones. So instead, I am just going to tell you the list of events that I remember. Ready, ok. We got up at 5 a.m. It was fucking cold. The wind blew like crazy. 

We walked for an hour and got down to the front lawn of the white house. I had no gloves on so my hands almost fell off. I was very tired and moody. That's a surprise. The wind continued to blow like crazy. I continued to get cold, so cold that I could feel the skeleton inside of my body and I could feel the whole insides of my brain. I wanted so badly to have a pair of gloves and as we walked my wish came true. 

We found mismatched ones here and there and everywhere. Then a really nice man gave me a heat pack to put inside my pocket to warm up my hand. This helped a lot. Then we found a great spot real up close to the white house. There were way too many people. My toes started to feel like they were going to freeze off so I decided to leave and walk back. I started walking back and people were running forward, some people even asked me why I was going the other way and I said I was done following the crowd.

One guy laughed hard when I said this, I didn't think it was that funny but he seemed to. Checkpoint after checkpoint I had to empty my pockets and let them use the metal detector on me. I didn't know the way back to the apartment but let my inner compass guide me and I walked all the way there in the right direction the whole time without asking anyone for directions which amazed me seeing how I had no clue as to how Washington DC was set up. I went back to sleep after I unthawed for an hour and slept the whole rest of the day away while the inauguration took place. 

I still don't even know what was talked about or what happened that day and I don't really care.