Saturday, January 31, 2009


We are in the house and I only know it because I am looking out of two windows. It's 4:42 am and this is really happening. This is really happening somewhere else inside this house that I am looking out of. We are having a conversation only I don't know what it is about. Then there it is in the sky. An airplane. It is falling, falling, then it crashes right into the hill. Right into the tops of the trees and its raining and there's electrical towers all around that have fallen. 

The wires are jumping all over the place and people are screaming and I am running out of the house across the street and into the woods to help. I am running down the hill. There's people running up and I tell them to go into the house and she will help you. She will be able to clean you up, stitch you up. I understand how this feels. It's a thunder and lightning storm at the same time and I am rounding up people sending them up the hill. The airplane is on fire and people are still jumping out of it onto the hill and running up the hill. 

The lightning wants to hit me but I see it, I am very aware of its presence as if it is alive. I work around the lightning, I work around the electrical wires. There is a dog. It's scared. It's going out of control, running this way and that, attempting to bite people but I grab it by its collar and settle it down. Everyone is yelling for me to climb the hill, everyone is out and safe, the airplane is going to explode, the electrical wires are going to fry and the storm is going to keep going. 

I run up the hill, into the house and everyone is safe.