Saturday, January 31, 2009


Another dream in an old hospital in the fifties. Everything has a blue tint to it and all of the people that I can see running the place are very zombie-like. They don't see me at all even as I walk right by. They are somewhere else when I look at them. I go to a room where an old friend of mine, Megan is sitting on a table waiting for a Dr. to come and take a look at her. Her hair is all messy and all over the place. She says that she has some sort of disease and she's waiting to be cured but I tell her she already is, the disease is all in her head and she lights up instantly. 

We start to walk out of the hospital and there is a feeling that comes in the gut that the Dr. knows that we have left. People start to run out of the hospital after us, they start to chase us telling us we are going the wrong way. I know that this is not true because the next thought that comes to mind is: when is the last time I ever knew a Dr. to have any interested in my good health? 

The Dr. is really good at telling me everything that is wrong with me but will he ever tell me anything that is right? So we run. We end up in a very large pyramid structure and we go deep into the belly of it, into the center of it. 

Up top is an opening and I realize at the top is a clock tower of some sort and the clock has stopped. Time has ceased to exist at this point. 

We climb up ladders and stairs and end up in the eye of heaven.