Sunday, January 18, 2009


I can see it all now. I can see that I have passed through that midpoint again where everything was reversed like the tarot card meanings. I am starting to see the patterns in all of the cycles that life takes. I am the fool traveling through life walking to the cliffs edge, getting into as much trouble as possible, causing so much mischief and then inevitably having to laugh everything off after it all happens. 

Having to show people that things are fucking hilarious and not everything should be taken so seriously. Who should have the last laugh, you or death? I say fuck it, laugh death right in the face. God is a comedian and the universe likes a good laugh especially when it is at your own expense. It’s a hell of a view way up there on the edge of the cliff of the mountain you have just climbed and there’s a fucking dog following you everywhere. What goes up must come down, though, so if you climb way the hell up the mountain you have to eventually come back down into the valley again and find the next mountain to climb. 

I came down and ripped the experience into a million pieces with such a precise and extreme attention to detail that it ends up doing that same thing to you. It shows you everything and you laugh with it or it laughs at you. 

After the climb, you become the magician with the infinity symbol hanging above your head and you have the power to create something out of nothing but you have to meet this guy in the valley along the way that shows you the skill. He throws the serpent at you and it changes and turns into a cloth and that’s when you see if you are scared of the illusion or not. 

So that is it, that’s where I am at for today.