Sunday, January 18, 2009


We flew down the old dirt road towards the prison camps at high velocities. Bill was driving in front in a small yellow Volvo and I was driving my mother’s gold Chrysler station wagon. It was dark out and we usually took this way as a shortcut for fun because you could drive through where part of the civil war had taken place many, many years ago. 

The woods had a very eerie feeling going through them at night because this was literally in the middle of nowhere with not one person in sight. If you broke down out here you were going to be spending a nice night alone. So it was us, the open road and nothing in sight because the road unfolded the more you drove on it, but we had done this so many times before that it was old hat to us. Sandy was riding in the car I was driving and if my memory serves me correct it was Terry with Bill in the other car. We were flying around one corner in the road and I didn’t realize it but the tires were really bald on the car I was driving, we went off of the road, hit a giant rock and flipped the car onto its roof, the radio blared really loudly, we hung from our seatbelts upside down and the only thing I was thinking about was Sandy and if she was ok. 

All of the change that had been on the floor was now on the ceiling. The little rocks, the papers, and road maps everything was upside down. The tires were still spinning above us, the windshield had collapsed inward and had come very close to crushing my skull in. We were lucky. We did something very crazy and lived to tell the tale. This near death experience would be one of the very first in my life where I didn’t care anymore what was going to happen next. Another thing that happened another time in the prison camps that is not related to this that I can tell you about is the time that Sandy and I went down into the ground where there were these long tunnels that went nowhere and one of them had this big incinerator at the end of it and it was very dark and reminded me of dreams that I used to have of the holocaust where I was a little boy.