Thursday, January 29, 2009


And so I am walking down the street no longer thinking about the night or where it should go or where it is going to go or anything really and I am laughing fucking hysterically for no reason at all. Not just laughing like ha, that’s kind of funny but fucking laughing my face right off. My face melts into a million pieces and its like wax dripping on the skin. It melts right on the floor and no I am not on any drugs at all. I don’t do things like that anymore. I’d say if anything I am in a permanent state of psychedelic-ness. The whole world shimmers and shines all around me and birds and bats fly all around like I am in the epicenter of heaven and the hell is all around me, outside of my perimeter at this point. 

So anyways before I dress up this huge story about how all this stuff is happening around me I will just give it to you softly. I just ramble, I decided that is how I am going to write from now, a big huge fucking ramble and there will be some stuff in here you will like and laugh about or cry about or whatever you think it is, I don’t care, I write this to amuse myself and if you're amused then great, that’s great. So I walk down under the ground and swipe the weekly metro card I usually buy every week. Wow, what a surprise. A weekly metro card that I buy weekly. I am so smart when I write stories. So I walk and I go over to look at the map to see what’s new on it and there’s nothing and they're people playing music and some guy dressed up like Michael Jackson dancing all this and that; doing the whole thriller thing all over again. It’s the same shit we have seen a million times. It's funny. It's cute. He’s on his toes, he’s the man with the glasses and everything. 

Then I see Steph sitting on the bench. I haven’t seen her in like years or something I don’t remember the last time I ran into her. She’s all dressed up for war but says she came out of yoga and she’s got a little sweat on her brow. It’s funny how this always happens. You walk down the street, things happen. You see people you haven’t seen in awhile. People see you. They are so happy. We ride the train and talk about the changes that have happened in our lives and how much we have grown from little sprouts to blooming flowers or something. It's fun. We laugh, we cry, we eat popcorn like in the movies on the train. No, wait I added that we really didn’t eat popcorn but it sounds good. It would be very cool if we ate popcorn and we had our own seats and we watched the movie that takes place on the L train every day. It’s a fucking hilarious movie. 

It's like the time I saw last week when these people were on acid or something and they were laughing their heads off and screaming and they had no clue what was going on and then this guy started fucking with them while they were tripping because he knew what was going on. He knew it all. They flipped the fuck out and started trying to steal people’s shoes and all that jazz. So we kept going. 

We got off at Graham and walked for like a second and parted and then I saw a psychic place and I just walked by and thought nothing of it but then something said to go in, see what’s up. I wanted to ask her a question about crystals. I am interested in crystals. She didn’t want to answer my question without doing some form of business. She started telling me I am doubting things and that I can’t make decisions in my life and all this rubbish. I said lady listen I also have the same gift you do too. You don’t need to try and sell me my consciousness. I already have it and what you tell me right now is only going to be a projection and then I will take it into my consciousness and then it will come true and be real. It's no secret to me. 

She rolled her eyes and got annoyed with me which definitely led me, even more, to realize that she knew that I knew, she opened the door for me and said ok honey, you can go and I said aww thank you. You're letting me go, have a nice night. 

And that’s how it went. I laughed and then called Alex to tell her all about it. I said I would write this. Then I did.