Sunday, April 19, 2009


when it is sunny
you would say it is not raining
but when it rains sometimes it is sunny
but when it is not sunny at all and it is raining
it is raining and not sunny

Monday, April 6, 2009


You wouldn't believe a thing I said unless you actually had something similar happen to you and even then none of our experiences can ever be completely compared because of the interpretation of what we thought we experienced. 

It's so much like language, the tower of babel collapsing through the only real communication that happens with no sounds. The awaken has awakened in the dream. The dream has become the reality but you can't even take my word for it. This is my experience and it doesn't really even matter whether you read this and agree or don't agree or you think I am crazy or you think I am sane or you think you know any of these things. 

This is mine and it can never be stolen. It's the gem inside that no one can see. It shines like the crazy diamond that Pink Floyd talked about. I have seen it in the eyes of the seers. It happens in the state of non-doing. I don't have any more explanations for you. The philosopher has died. The linguistic tongue twister of parody and melody and romance has died. I can't even see my own reflection anymore. The mirror broke. The wave crashed on the banks of the shore. I have died to a new day and night. 

The merge as the sun and the moon dance around each other in a cosmic swirl of lights and silences. I can keep entertaining you with these notions but advise you to go out there and see what it's saying to you. Abyss deep. 

The height and expansion of the sky. The unlimited boundlessness.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The hermit was sitting in his chair sipping on a nice hot cup of tea that he had made for himself and was lost in his dreams of these days that have gone by and passed on like those beautiful sunsets that we have experienced and continue to long for, long after they are gone. He dreamed a beautiful dream of the middle of the woods. A walking stick. A candle lit inside of lantern. Nothing but darkness all around, nothing to see. Only noises all around of nature singing its glorious song. One foot in front of the other. He couldn't even see the ground he was walking on. This is the faith that he had with the path. Who knows if he would make it to any destination but that wasn't the point of any of this. This is where it all started on that day when he erupted from the womb. Nine months inside of the mother with the umbilical cord keeping him alive. There was no guarantee that he was going to come out of the womb developed exactly the way that he needed to be. To this day, we still have no knowledge of how this all came about.

Pregnant in the womb with the mother carrying the weight. That's the best thing about all mother's that is the least appreciated in the world today. We have also heard much about the orgasm and the pain that a woman experiences in childbirth. The orgasm is so intense from what we hear that it seems like she is in excruciating pain and it's this mix of pleasure and pain that brings the birth. From what we hear the woman will never experience anything close to this, even with the most amazing Don Juan of the world. That's what we have witnessed about birth and we are starting to feel that death is pretty much the same even though we don't really know the final death of the Hermit and what will happen to him. But we do know that he has been here for some time. 

He has been very irrational and rational, logistical and linguistical. He has been entertained with the notion of silence. The candle said to him, be a light unto your own. This light started from the moment the hermit saw the light of the day. Continued through the course into the night. Passed through the night with all of its uncertainty with only a small candle to guide the way and the intuition that he was going to make it. Then came the sunrise again. Things started taking shape all around. He saw the path again, he could see the ground. He was in the middle of the woods. The birds flew from the trees. The deer drank the water. The leaves crunched underneath the feet. This is the hermit that exists in all of us.