Monday, June 22, 2009


Dream: Tops of buildings. People screaming. The city is a big scream. It is nothing else.

I wake up from the dream.

there is a 3 year old on the floor in the living room, another ghost. she looks and me and speaks.

she says, scary huh? I say yeah, a little unexpected. she says, you don't have to be scared and changes from a ghost form to a physical form and hugs me. tears well up inside of my eyes and I can't believe this is really happening.

I wake up again in the living room and usually to turn on the light I have to squeeze the button down really hard and turn and it doesn't always turn on easily, I barely even touch it and the light turns on all by itself.



I am at a farm in the middle of Texas and it is night, the moon guides our way. I am driving in a car and there are dead living people all eating each other. I just keep driving and they just keep chasing me. They can't catch me.


I am in NYC inside a posh downtown apartment. Really nice furniture. Beautiful gadgets and gobbledygook things everywhere. Outside you can hear the screams of people being eaten by other people who are the living dead. They start to get each other, the dead fight the living and the living fight the dead and everyone is dying in the streets. I hear them coming up the stairs. I sit on top of the refrigerator and can hear screaming children being eaten alive. I wait, I know they are coming for me next.

then, I wake up from the dream on the couch in the woodlands texas.

I see a ghost in the living room, it's a baby screaming and running across the floor. it scares the fucking shit out of me.