Monday, October 26, 2009


Russia, some undisclosed year. We are at war around a giant lake. Bullets are flying past us. This is insane once again. Like always. People are dying on both sides of the enemy lines. It appears no one is winning and giant explosions just keep getting bigger and bigger. There's no winners in this war or any war that I have witnessed for that matter. I decide to drop my gun and walk away from the whole thing. Why do I want to kill? Why do I want to fight? I don;t even know why anyone is fighting in the first place. I take my bags and seek refuge in an old bunker and wait for the right moment to leave this place. When things calm down.

I am walking down the road no one is driving down. I walk to the nearest town. Buses and cars start passing by me as I get closer to a population. It is raining ever so slightly. I end up in front of an old house. I ring the doorbell a few times. Then I am let in. A little girl helps me with my belongings and speaks to me in the little bit of English that she knows how. I sit down and relax for a little slice of time. The mother returns home and sees that I am in her home. She becomes very angry. She takes my bags and belongings and starts throwing it all around. The contents start flying everywhere. This pisses me off to no end. 

I gather everything up off of the floor and repack it into the bag. I pull out an international cell phone and make a very important phone call. Pam Sullivan answers. I tell her what is going on and she agrees to buy me a ticket out of here. I walk out of the house looking for a ride to the nearest airport. Trouble is I don't know where I am. How long I have been here? What year is it? I feel I am in a completely different period of time that is ancient. I am from the future I realize. This is way back in the past before this bodies time. 

A man in a van pulls up but doesn't speak a word of English and looks at me very skeptically. He takes off very fast. I continue walking down the road.